Why would I want to buy a fruit infusion water bottle?

By 3rd July 2016Blog
Fruit infusion water preparation.
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One of the questions I am regularly asked, usually by people who have never infused water, is “why would I want to buy a fruit infusion water bottle?”. Here I hope to answers some of the questions why you might want to consider using a fruit infusion water bottle.

I have been working away from home recently and have taken my Acquablend fruit infusion water bottle with me. It has kept me going, but also drawn some questions from passers-by. Usually it is something like ‘ooh, that looks nice – what is it?’ and once I explain what it is, they usually ask – ‘but why would I want to buy a fruit infusion water bottle’?

Drinking water is important for your health

Drinking water and keeping hydrated is very important to staying healthy and fit, that’s why the doctors advice is always drink lots of fluids. Many minor ailments can be as a result of being dehydrated such as fatigue and headaches.

So drinking water is important for your health, and simply drinking glasses of plain water or out of disposable bottles can be boring. Fruit infused water is tasty and fun, especially if you have a bottle like the Acquablend that is of a high quality and really easy to use!

Better for the environment

Using a reusable bottle is always better for the environment – as throw-away single-use bottles often end up in our oceans and landfill, and these mountains of plastic will never biodegrade. They will just end up getting smaller and smaller until they end up as micro plastic particles in the food chain, and eventually our bodies.

You can check out Jeff Bridges video in my previous article that covers this very issue.

Ditch the single use plastic!

It’s easy to use and it makes drinking water very simple and easy. Making recipes and developing your own becomes fun and having a bottle with fruit in it can look pretty and is a visual reminder that you need to drink it – fill it – and drink some more!

Save money

But how much does it cost? Aren’t they expensive?

Judging how much things cost is difficult – as we often view things relatively. So a person looking at a sofa for £1000 might say – ooooh that is expensive. But when purchasing a car, which might cost £15,000 – it is not uncommon for someone to upgrade the interior trim/upholstery and spend £1500 in the process. But which of these will get the most use? It is likely that the sofa will be sat on more hours than the car seats – so in real terms, the £1000 is better invested in the sofa.

It is the same with a fruit infusion water bottle. They average between £10 and £20 a bottle, and can last for years – and some manufacturers like Acquablend offer replacement seals that can be changed after 6 months on some models.

Now if you purchase a disposable ‘plain’ 500ml water bottle – that may set you back £1.50 at least on your daily commute (usually more) and it will definitely end up in landfill or even worse – in the ocean. Water with a ‘touch’ of fruit flavour usually starts from £1. Some of these fruit waters can also contain added sugar or sweeteners.

Over a week that’s £7.50 – A month (4 weeks) and that’s roughly £30 – A year, £390!!

So you can see how much you are saving by switching – and you get a better tasting water that YOU know what’s inside, because you made it. And you can flavour it to suit YOUR taste!

Some of my favourite fruit infusion water bottles


Twist-top : Ideal for the home or office
Twist-top fruit infusion water bottle
Flip-top : Ideal for the gym or outdoors
Fip-top fruit infusion water bottle
Jumbo : Ideal for the gym and extra hydration
Jumbo fruit infusion water bottle