Fruit infusion, detox water – is it healthy?

By 25th October 2016Blog
Fruit infusion water bottle with fruit in the background
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‘Fruit infusion, detox water – is it healthy?’ – is something that people probably ask all the time when they see me or someone else carrying out fruit infusion water bottles.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of scientific advice on the subject – because there doesn’t seem to be a specific line of research into fruit infusion. This is because the real benefits of fruit infused waters and fruit infusion (as far as I know) are:

  • If you drink fruit infused water – you are drinking more water
  • Drinking more water keeps your body hydrated and helps your body’s natural processes – the main one being removing toxins from the body
  • Creating tasty infusions can help stop you or your children drinking sugary drinks, so less calories to worry about

But drinking water alone isn’t gonna solve many health issues if you don’t take some physical exercise. The best and most widely accessible is walking – so long as it is at a pace that makes you work a bit. You don’t have to be sweating like a trooper, but it shouldn’t be too slow and comfortable either. So long as you feel you are in a bit of a rush, that should do.

When looking around the net, I read an article on where I think the nutritionist summed it up well:

Erin Riley, R.D., nutritionist and bariatric coordinator at the Salem Surgical Weight Loss Center, said while these drinks are healthy, there is no scientific proof they are a detoxifying agent.

“We get benefits from the fruits and vegetables themselves, but there is no scientific evidence the drinks can detox the body,” Riley said.

But what these drinks can do when introduced into a daily diet regimen is “get things moving.”

“It is a healthy drink option to add lemon, lime, cucumber or strawberry to your water,” Riley said. “And it’s definitely a healthy way to get your fluids in.”

She said sometimes a person gets slightly dehydrated because of not drinking enough liquid, and adding fresh fruits and vegetables can make it easier to drink the required daily amount of water.

“So if you drink more, it could act as a detox,” she said, explaining the increased water intake can cause the body to work better, therefore get rid of excess fluids, etc.

Extract from:  Healthy drinks may not ‘detox’ the body, but do have many benefits

So if you or your kids want to reduce your sugar intake, and help your body stay healthy – drinking fruit infused water is a great way to make it fun and interesting. And using a reusable fruit infusion water bottle like Acquablend’s are better for the environment than throw-away bottles, as well as being easy to use and good looking to boot!