Ditch the single use plastic!

By 3rd April 2016Blog
Disposable water bottles on beach
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I run my own business and often I have to travel. Prior to me having a car (for longer commutes) I used to use the train a lot – and in London, the tube.

When you are on the go and life is rush, rush, rush – the convenience of popping into a shop in a station and picking up a sandwich and a drink for lunch was all too commonplace. And I wasn’t the only guilty party. This habit that has been formed I see often now – though my pattern has changed. I no longer use single use plastic bottles (if I can avoid it) – because I plan ahead and usually fill up my Acquablend fruit infusion water bottle before I leaver the house or work.

I could go into a lot of detail about why you should change this habit of using single use bottles – but I think that Jeff Bridges puts it better in the following video.

However, I would add that there is a real responsibility on those of us that have children to stop them from forming this habit. It is not just about single-use plastic bottles for me, it is about a throw-away culture – and the over-packaging of some foods. But for now, the focus of this article is on the single-use plastic bottles.

So, just stop using them! Grab yourself a re-useable water bottle that is quality built and BPA free (like the Acquablend) and you can not only enjoy staying hydrated, but know that you are helping to save marine life and the environment. And don’t just reuse a disposable plastic bottle again and again – most of them are not meant to be reused and the plastic will break down more easily and harbour bacteria more easily.

As Jeff points out – these plastics don’t go away – they just get smaller and smaller until they start to get into the food chain.

I would also point out that plastics are not going away any time soon – it is too convenient a product for a variety of applications – however it is about how we use it and how much of it. So when you finally ‘get it’ – that this plastic is not going away anytime soon – you will start to be a bit more selective in your choices, and if we spread that message, maybe the fall in the need for plastic goods will reduce it’s production and impact on our planet.