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Hi, my name is Tony and I am a late middle-aged guy who is changing his lifestyle and using water and fruit infusion to help me gain control of my health and well being.

Getting older takes it toll on us all – whether we want to accept or not. We might ‘feel’ young, but the excesses of youth will catch up with you sooner or later.

It is encouraging that some of the younger generation are more health conscious than we were, when they remind you that something are eating might not be so good for you.

Stuck in our ways, it can be difficult to change, and sometimes a brush will illness can be a trigger to move you into action. Thankfully I haven’t had anything serious that prompted me, just an old back problem from years of sitting at a computer. This is probably the greatest threat to most of the working population today – and if we think about it, we can spend easily 8 hours a day sat at our desks – weakening our back muscles, leading to a number of back problems.

My daughter Cintia, who runs started becoming very health conscious in her late teens when she decided to become a vegetarian, started dancing, Zumba and then trained to become a pilates instructor. She is now an undergraduate in Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of York and has been the driving force in my wellbeing – a fountain of knowledge – whether I wanted it or not.

My father passed away many years ago now, but not before he had a serious of heart attacks, diabetes and extremely bad blood circulation which are all hereditary. So I am keen to avoid these – the first decision I made was to stop smoking. This was difficult as it could be easy to slipped back into – especially when socialising. The remedy for me was to switch to vaping – which has weened me off the tobacco. I still occasionally vape – but it is at a very low strength nicotine and is just a reminder of the futility of smoking. I vape less and less and I know I will probably give it up completely – the more the device gathers dust. But – I still keep it around, just in case – better than burning paper, tobacco and whatever else is in the cigarettes nowadays.

The second step was a small but important change. As much as I can, I walk everywhere. The only problem is that getting around needs planning and can take longer than with the car. But I see it as part of my healthcare regime – and this works well when the weather is good and the mornings are bright (from March until November). I manage to walk an 8km round trip in about 1.5hr at a fast pace. I have tried cycling (for when I am pushed for time) but walking is a definite preference. It can be challenging when it rains – but I invested in a proper large raincoat which affords me the freedom to make the walk without a brolly. The secret is to walk in a manner that pushes you – a fast pace that makes you just sweat a bit – but not out of breath.

The biggest step involved the largest part of my life which is work. A few years ago some articles were circulating on workers that stood up at work at specially adapted workstations. Having worked in traditional graphics design, draughting and paste-up departments (before computers) we used to work standing at high desks – and this was very good. We had stools as a back up – but the majority of the time it was a standing job.ย Unfortunately the high desks are hard to come by and as a contractor it can be difficult to know where I will be working next. So I have an adjustable stand that elevates my laptop to the right height. This may be a bit weird – but only for the others working around me – for me it is a life saver and makes working a lot less stressful on my back. I still have to sit for 20 min stretches about 3 times a day, or do a rocking motion on my feet. Footwear here is important – and I have walking shoes that have particularly good soles that offer sufficient support throughout the day. This is definitely trial and error – you will only know if it for you by trying it and giving it at least a month – testing different positions and footwear.

Then there is hydration. Now this is going to get a bit messy – because I have to get a bit lavatorial in order to get my point across. As anyone who knows anyone with a blood sugar disorder or diabetes can tell you, one of the indicators of your diuretic health will be the colour of your urine. Anything darker than a pinot grigio/chardonnay wine is a sign of dehydration and a sign that your liver and kidneys are not functioning as well as they should be. Drinking water is essential to help your liver and kidneys clear your body of toxins and also keep your organs finction properly. The added mobus is that the water also helps with your concentration. Basically think of water as being the engine oil for your body – and your urine is the meter for how well hydrated you are. If you have dark urine – drink more water – but don’t over do it. There is no need to go mad.

However water isn’t great on it’s own. I hated for many years – instead I drankย tea and coffee all the time, and sometimes coke. This was actually introducing high levels of caffeine and sugar into my system that I didn’t need. There can also be a bit of peer pressure from co-workers with regards to making rounds of drinks, but you (and hopefully they) will soon get over this once they know why you are drinking water.

But like I said, drinking water on it’s own wasn’t nice – and flavourings invariably introduced sugar again. So when a client of my started Acquablend and asked me to help out with his online presence, I was intrigued by the product. Usually I have to have real faith in a product – especially if I have to start getting involved in it’s ongoing brand development and online presence. So I tried a few of the bottles – made a few recipes and found the ones that suited me.

Now, drinking water is a joy, not a chore. It is firmly fixed into my daily routine and I easily drink more than 2 litres of water a day, mostly without even thinking. I get a buzz trying out new recipes (and sometimes an ‘urgh’ for the ones I don’t like) – but it is like trying foods for the first time. We all love creating/making new recipes and trying theme out – finding our favourites – fruit infused water is just the same.

So I would highly recommend getting yourself an Acquablend fruit infusion water bottle. They are a high quality product, come with great support, a FREE eBook of recipes to get you started – and dare I say it – a great website.