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Stay Hydrated

For a healthier and longer life!

Welcome to Fruit Water Guy – a resource and blog all about fruit  infused water and why I think it is important to stay healthy and hydrated through fruit infusion for a longer life.

The journey of keeping hydrated started a few years ago for me after a I had gained weight and was struggling with movement and fatigue. This was mainly due to a life of working sitting down, not drinking much water – instead I was drinking a lot of coffee and tea and not managing what I was drinking (I have a love of bitter, bourbon and wine). Of course a lack of exercise also played a part. I suffered with lower back pain from an injury years ago and also had high blood pressure.

However I also had some hereditary concerns – with my father having suffered numerous heart attacks, blood circulation problems and diabetes. Most of this was lifestyle related and was more apparent to me later in his life. Looking back I could see the route of the problems in his smoking, drinking and lack of exercise.

Now I walk a lot, drink plenty of water and watch what I eat. And though I still drink – I manage it more wisely than I did before. So my hope is that I learn to manage myself and take responsibility so that I can live longer.

Articles from the blog

Acquablend flip top being prepared with fruit.

Fruit infused water

I was never one for drinking water – I knew I had to, but it was boring. But seriously, having it with fruit made it a whole more enjoyable – and the Acquablend bottles make it super easy to do.

Some people see it as a fad – I see it as the centre of my daily routine, and I can recognise instantly when I am getting dehydrated in my levels of concentration when I work as well as in my movement.

So if you have a sedentary lifestyle, are worried and want to just make one change that will help you on the road a healthier lifestyle, then I can highly recommend fruit infused water as a major part of that change, and the Acquablend fruit infusion water bottles make that super easy.